Forever 25??

Just watched the Shonda Rhimes Dartmouth commencement speech (Link HERE). It reminded me of this article written by Zosia Mamet that I read in Glamour flying back home last week (SERIOUSLY, READ THIS. IT’S IMPORTANT).

It basically stated:

When you find what makes you happy, whether it be owning a coffee shop, having a child, or being a buyer for a company you’ve worked for as a sales associate for years, you have to hold onto that regardless of what others think about it. And, on top of that, your fellow peers should cheer you on for finding something you enjoy and not be upset that you didn’t “follow a bigger dream”.

Some of you may know that I’ve recently decided to switch career paths. This article hit the nail on the head for how I’ve been feeling about making the leap from one career path to the other. Some felt I was “giving up” and, I have to say that got to me. Honestly, it was Gregg telling me to keep doing me, keep doing what gives me joy and to forget what others think or I probably would’ve kept miserably doing what I was doing all in the name of “THE DREAM!”

Ok. Let me just state, for anyone who doesn’t know, that I have a degree in film and we moved to Austin, TX specifically to intern for a production company and work on our film careers. During college, I worked for Forever 21. I was there for 6 years on and off, and loved every second of it. I realized that I had more fun as a visual merchandiser than I did as a filmmaker a few months ago, and since then I’ve been pursuing getting another job at Forever so I can work my way up and eventually become either a regional merchandiser or a buyer for the company. I am so glad I didn’t realize this until after I moved to Austin, because I still feel that I belong here. Anyway, that’s slightly beside the point. I’m happy to be here and I’ve interviewed at Forever and I finally feel I’m on the right path, but I also somehow feel that I’ve let my fellow women down. And that’s the point I don’t get…

I mean, my goal isn’t just to be an Assistant Store Manager.
(Even if it was though, so what?)
My goals will never stop reforming.
I will never be satisfied.
I am still the same ambitious woman I always have been.
I just want to switch paths so that I can be happy.

I feel that I’m on the right track, finally. And I want to tell everybody that although I am not living out your dreams, I can assure you I have reassigned, and am now living out my own. I’m excited to begin this new chapter in my life, and I embrace you all to not only read the article (and Shonda’s video) that I posted, but be an example of peers supporting peers. And I also want you to know that if your goals are different than mine, I will gladly accept them and be happy for you as you are.

(Also, my birthday is next month. And I’m feeling real good about 25. I’ve left the 18-24 age group and I feel set about what I want to do with my life-FINALLY. All in all, this is looking to be a great year.)


My Delicious Breakfast Shake

1 Cup Kale
1 Cup Frozen Raspberries
1/2 Cup Frozen Strawberries/Bananas
1 Cup Almond Milk
1/2 Avocado (or 1/4 of the big ones)

Blend and enjoy your delicious and nutritious breakfast!
I promise, I just made mine and I LOVE it! <3


Hey guys!

In my very recent journey to health and well-being, I’ve noticed that a lot of people talk about the amazing benefits of the superfood Spirulina. It is linked to cognitive function, detox, cardiovascular health, relief of allergy symptoms, and the building of your body. It contains 70% protein and a TON of antioxidants and vitamins. I can’t believe I had never heard of it, the way people talk about it like it’s one of the best things you can put into your body. (And how many McDonald’s commercials do I hear every day? Makes you think.)

Anyway, as part of my FULL health and wellness plan (as opposed to only working out and still eating junk, or dieting but not replacing needed nutrients, or even trying to do both but not getting enough sleep, etc.), I’ve started a lot of research on NATURAL supplements to aid in my nutrition and body function. Spirulina seemed like a great place to start.

If you’d like to learn more, here are a few links that peaked my interest:

I’ve been on a workout plan and have been trying to slowly cut out junk food as well as integrate more organic and “super” foods into my diet, but I know there are many improvements to be made in my future! This is one of the first steps I’m taking in the supplement realm as far as enhancing and improving my nutrition.

What are your thoughts on Spirulina? Anything I should know?

Notes about Notes

Wow. Just read an old Facebook “note” I typed up at the end of my freshman year at college (six years ago, btw), about how I wanted to change my major, leave Ball State, and live at home. I was in such a bad place mentally. I wasn’t ready to go out into the world on my own yet and it definitely showed.

The funny thing is that although freshman year was very hard for me I remember my Ball State / Muncie era to be the best years I think I’ll ever have. And changing my major?! What would I have changed it to? I can’t believe that thought ever crossed my head. According to the note I wanted to be an english teacher for a minute.. I mean yeah, writing’s great. And don’t get me wrong, I’m a spelling and grammar Nazi. But, good heavens, that just wouldn’t have worked out for me. Steady jobs with stable pay in a fluorescent environment? ….What?

I am so happy with how life has turned out for me so far and can’t imagine it not being good from here on out. I thoroughly enjoy my job(s). I love photography / videography. I love living in Austin, and wouldn’t have made it here if it wasn’t for Ball State and my sketch comedy group. I love every little adventure I’ve had along the way, which couldn’t have happened without my friends. I love that I was given the opportunity to become so mentally strong thanks to the professors at my school pushing me to try to succeed.

Good lord, I met Gregg the first day of my Sophomore year. I wouldn’t have met him if I had decided to transfer to another school. He would have stayed at Ball State and his parents would continue living 20 minutes from my parents and we would have never crossed paths because that shit happened two hours away, at college. If that isn’t completely serendipitous I don’t know what is. Gives me chills.

Anyway, that note compelled me to type this up for anyone who feels they’re in a bad place, too. You’re there for a reason. Follow your gut because it can lead you to some amazing adventures. Don’t give up in a moment of weakness. I’m living proof not to.

Independent Women Part 3

Gregg and I are about to go on a journey to become independent women. By that I mean I’ve been listening to a lot of Destiny’s Child lately and I’d like to change our spending habits.

So, ya know when you hear about all these people struggling to make it? Bills piling up but no way to pay them? Cutting off their phone bill to pay another bill? No separate stream of income coming in from a trust fund/family member/friend for support? Ok, so yeah that’s me (that’s been me. That was me. That won’t define me anymore).

I’m not saying I’m poor. I’ve embraced this lifestyle by choice (for far too long). We don’t ask for government support because we know that this is something we do to ourselves. We pay for drinks/fun and whine because there is no one available to pay our bills for us. Here’s something you might not know about me: I was in line for food stamps once. Yep, application in hand. And in that line, I saw some women with some pretty nicely manicured nails and some pretty nice purses on their arms. They weren’t in trouble, they were spenders. I thought, I’m not in trouble either. I just want assistance so I can still have a nice-ish place with a cell phone and internet hookup. It suddenly all made sense to me. Somewhere down my lifeline I was told that cable TV and a community pool were necessities. I was told my $36,000 college education was a necessity. I was borrowing and spending the government’s money because I could, and that led to me feeling completely overwhelmed and constantly asking for help. Tell me that’s not strategic.

But really, I swear I’m not trying to make this a political post. One more story:

I have been engaged for almost eight months now. Though we moved and settled into a totally different state and got new jobs which definitely propelled the wedding further into the future, we still joke about being perpetually engaged forever. It’s our own little silly joke about how we’ll never actually get married because we’ll never actually find the money for it in this pile of debt we’re swimming in.

And then the other day Gregg turned to me in the car and started asking me about the colors for our wedding, what he wanted to wear, asking me what dresses I was looking at. And it made me sad.

Because when that silly little joke stops being funny we’ll still not be financially stable enough to get married.

This is being typed right now because we got a new roommate, our friend from Indiana. He lives with us now and he knows a lot about money. He has a lot of bills, and knows how to pay them off. He’s inspired many long conversations about handling money and dealing with debt. He gave me a book that has been really inspiring. And I feel that

I’m ready to change.
I’m ready to stop whining every 31st.
I’m ready to stop spending.
I’m ready to take this journey for the betterment of my own life.

I’m about to get real boring.
I’m about to be a workaholic.
I’m about to stop spending money on going out.
I’m about to start up a wedding savings fund, and not just the goofy jar we have for it that’s collecting a few pennies here and there.

It’s gonna be really hard, so I’m asking for everyone’s support. This is something that’s eating away at the quality of my life and will eventually lead to our demise if we don’t do something about it. There’s going to be big change. I’m tired of pretending I can afford things that I simply cannot. I’m tired of going out and then panicking about how much we spent the next morning. It’s done. I’m over it. I’ll need help along the way but I’m ready to change for good.